Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick break from field work...

I'm copying this from an email I just sent to my favorite New Yorker... sorry for such little detail.  More to come soon, I promise!!
I'm exhausted - we just got back from 2 days in the field - driving about 6hrs a day on bumpy rock roads, and waking up early.  I got back about 3hrs ago and all I wanted to do was check my emails (and read what you had to say!) and take a shower.  The power was out however, until about 20 min ago.  So that means, no hot water, and of course, no internet.  We're leaving again at 7:30am and will be gone until Tuesday night (Tuesday noon your time) but by that time I'll be coming home in just a few days.  I have so many great pictures and stories to share with you... I can't wait.
I'm really excited about all our progress here.  It's been so great the last 2  days especially --talking with farmers under trees, seeing the diversity of the land and the people, and even getting caught in the rain and having to run in someone's house (one of those circular ones made of stones with a pointed thatch roof...) A few chickens also ran in behind us... it was quite an experience.


Janet said...

very, very, VERY good to hear from you son. glad things are going well. sending a you,Mom

Les said...

Happy to hear things are going so well...keep up the great work son.

Love ya


Jenn said...

We don't like going a day without hearing from you when you are so far of course, it was great to see this!
Glad things are going well!
Love ya!