Saturday, August 25, 2007

some photos so far...

Hey guys... I know you've been waiting patiently... so here are a few photos of our trip so far. we've been up and down the kenyan coast (to Lamu Island and back down to Mombasa), and now we're on our way across the border to Moshi, Tanzania to see Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Thanks so much for all your warm wishes and prayers so far!

The photos below are:
60-holding hands as we step out of the plane in nairobi - our first touch of African soil (or concrete)
89-a fresh mango juice and a tusker - our two favorite things in kenya so far
142-eric in front of the "freedom corner" in uhuru park in nairobi - a memorial to the work of the green belt movement and wangari mathaai
196-an acacia tree, out the window of our bus on our way to lamu island on the kenyan coast
266-our broken down bus on the road to lamu. we broke a drive axle, and our mechanic had it repaired in under an hour... he should be in the pit crew in nascar!
300-meg and eric on the roof of our hotel in lamu
316-one of the narrow streets in lamu
359-a traditional swahili dhow, sailing past the waterfront in lamu
464-captain meg, steering our dhow during our day long dhow ride (they made us some awesome coconut rice right there on the boat, along with the fish we caught that morning!
596-meg on the beach at the indian ocean in lamu.

Monday, August 20, 2007

WE'RE IN AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT????!!!! How does that work????! We landed in Nairobi about 45 minutes's beautiful; haven't left the airport yet though. ;)

Friday, August 17, 2007

we made it... yay!

we arrived last night in new delhi (after two very long flights and a nice 9-hr layover in the moscow airport... don't ask...) and are very excited to be here. already our eyes are being opened to the completely different world that seems to exist here. some is tough to witness, but other parts are truly breathtaking... and we're looking forward to experiencing everything together.

please stay in touch, and we will too!

the view from the window of our hotel this morning

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Off to Uganda!

Hey everyone, welcome and thanks for visiting our blog, and check back often!

To give you a sense of where we're heading and what we're going to be doing, here's a recent article from the special issue on Africa that Vanity Fair did, and they happened to highlight Ruhiira, Uganda... the village where we'll be for the next four months!

After spending a few short days with family and some last minute dr.'s appointments, we're excited about our overnight flights the next few days, transporting us to the other side of our beautiful blue planet.

Here's our itenerary (past and present):
Leave New York (8/3/07)
Fly to Kansas City (wedding and family)
Drive to Wichita 8/7/07 (family)
Roadtrip with family to Slidell, LA (Stopover near Dallas at a cute B&B) 8/8/07
The "great, exciting 1st time parent-meeting adventure", in and around New Orleans 8/9-8/12/07
Greyhound bus to Pensacola, FL, flight to Atlanta to see family 8/13/07
Flight from ATL-Moscow (10hrs) 8/15/07
Day layover in Moscow (to see Red Square) 8/16/07
Flight from Moscow-New Delhi (7hrs) 8/17/07
Train from New Delhi-Mumbai (25hrs) 8/18/07
Flight from Mumbai-Nairobi (6hrs) 8/20/07
Bus from Nairobi to Mombasa to Lamu Island, Kenya 8/21/07
4 days at Lamu Island
Bus from Lamu-Mombasa-Arusha, Tanzania (near Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti Nat'l Park) 8/26/07
3-4 days in and around Arusha
Bus from Arusha-Nairobi-Mt. Kenya, to stay in "The Ark" Hotel (so excited!) 8/30/07
Bus from Nairobi-Kampala, Uganda 9/1/07
Bus from Kampala-Mbarara-Ruhiira!

Wish us luck! (and love, and peace, and prayers)