Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wrapping up our time in Uganda

We're down to hours folks.

We're flying out of Entebbe tomorrow morning at 10:20am, heading to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar for about 5 days on the beach (yeah, I know....) and checking out a few contacts for crafts along the way. After next week, we'll be making the 11+ hour bus ride up to Nairobi, where we fly out for Mumbai and points east on the 26th.

On an interesting note, we're flying Air Uganda to Dar, which was just launched for the first commercial flight on Thursday (tomorrow is day 4!). We'll give you a review of our experience on Uganda's new national airline when we arrive in Dar. I'm sure everything will go fine (the guy I bought our tickets from told me so!), and the woman that helped us get the 50% off promotional fare (yes, 50% off!) remembered Megan's name when we came back to purchase, so we already have a nice family-run feel about things.

In about a half-hour we're also conducting our first Connect-related job interview, to hopefully find a coordinating and shipping agent based in Kampala that can perform as a Megan-and-Eric-stand-in here in Uganda indefinitely. We're so excited!

Signing off from Uganda-
Peace and Thanksgiving blessings to all.

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Janet said...

Thanks for the update.
Keeping you in our prayers as you continue your safe, and God Bless you both.
Happy Thanksgiving!
I love you, Mom