Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Thanksgiving: the beach and seafood

Meg and I spent probably the most relaxing Thanksgiving of our lives (no offense to our families) yesterday relaxing on beach, looking out at the beautiful turquoise colored sea, and feeling the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean blowing on our faces. For awhile, we didn't even know if it was Thanksgiving... we knew it was always on a Thursday, but the last or 2nd to last one... we didn't know! So just in case, we thought about what we were thankful for, and thought about our families at home celebrating the traditional way.


Les said...

Lap top on the beach? Tell us more on where you are..thought you might call us on
Happy Thanksgiving late!

We love you guys!

Mom and Dad

Jennifer said...

Looks beautiful there. We miss you guys.

Last night was the first snow of winter. It's beautiful in Wichita, too...just a different kind of beautiful!

Love you,

Andrew said...

eric that beard is EPIC

d said...

Awesome to finally hear from you guys again!! Looks beautiful!