Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 10 Moments in Africa

If you would've asked me a year ago if I'd be writing a "Top 10 Africa Memories" list on Nov. 11th, 2007, I would've slapped you in the face! Or maybe just said "No I won't." But whattya know, here we are, nearly at the end of our 3-ish months in Africa. Our favorite times here are a-plenty; we won't bore you with those (for now :)). Instead, here are 10 times--some specific moments/days, some consistent happenings that count, we think, as one--that won't be leaving our memories! Of course, no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Total Oprah moment. Being surrounded by 50+ 6/7/8 year old school kids, grabbing our hands & singing a song for us.
2. On our 2nd day in Uganda, seeing a national performance group, the Ndere Troupe, and dancing on stage at the end, with people from all over the world.
3. We both got to go to my first women's group discussion. Afterwards, the women did a traditional song & dance for us...a very different, authentic feel compared to the stage performance of #2.
4. Having dinner with Hanifah (formerly known to us as Hatifah...sorry!) and her family, and picking out our first set of Connect goods afterwards! Their gratefulness was man, just beautiful.
5. When we were on the dhow in Lamu, and neither of us had bathing suits on, we asked if the boat could drive us closer to the shore. Not wanting to be viewed as lazy Americans (termed here as "fat Wisconsinians"), Eric noted that this instance definitely landed us in that category and I found it pretty hilarious...and still do. Every time.
6. The recent wedding-cake-cutting escapade. Did that really happen??? (Scroll down a bit if you don't know about this one). HILARIOUS.
7. Spending time with, and often imitating, Gabula, one of our favorite friends here; he is a VERY competitive card player and a big fan of beginning his comments to me with, "Madame Megan..." in his very Gabula-ized Ugandan accent.
8. Seeing the chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
9. Daphine, Esther's daughter, looks away any time we say her name, look at her when she's following us, or simply acknowledge that she exists. Apparently she thinks this makes her invisible...we don't mind; it's super cute & funny!
10. Last but not least (although this will be least missed), when attempting to order at a restaurant, we always have to ask what they have, instead of just assuming they have what's on the menu (why would they do that?)...this has saved us ungodly amounts of time from having to say, "I'll have the egg sandwich. Oh, no? The pumpkin and vegetables? Oh, not that either? Okay, rice and beans, please. Matooke then. Matooke and beans is fine."

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d said...

I knew the chimps would be on there...It will be bittersweet leaving, and will definitely make you appreciate more things...but you will miss the humble people and lifestyle..and remember, you can always go back. You guys up for seeing South Africa in 2010 with us for the World Cup???