Monday, October 1, 2007

A Tribute to Lilo

Hi all...
I just received news that Lilo, my fish-companion for 2 1/2 years of my 3 in NYC, has died. I am sad, but so thankful for his time here & for the love he's received in my absence.
Here's to Lilo and all the animals in our lives that provide fun, companionship, and love!


Jennifer said...

Oh, poor Lilo! He's in fish heaven now!

Les said...

Old age, must be a great way to die! Here's to Lilo!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to think Beta-fish were indistructable... then we bought one for a two-year-old. And another... and another.

Maybe "Pebbles" #3 we'll make it until May 16, when the new baby arrives.

The whole family is doing great, and so are you it seems.

L and M

-Josh SC

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Meg! I can relate...remember Gillous?!?!?
Maybe Ella will share her Beta fish, Goldilocks, with you when you get back.
I love you.