Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two Days

Hey's some latest thoughts for you! They sound real sad, & though I had a couple of "funky" days this week, I promise I'm not as down as (Eric & I realized) this poem makes me seem. I was feeling all poetic this morning & this is what emerged! Have a great weekend.

On Friday I feel so thankful to be here, Ruhiira, and two years more's not a bad idea
Monday I crave home

One day I want to bear-hug all the children walking, giggling, whispering behind me
The next where's Ella, Jackson, Maia?

Wednesday the banana trees are the perfect landscape
And Thursday they need to be the Empire State Building

I'm sick of wearing only five outfits and want to go SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING in the evening
By morning all our money belongs to our neighbor

At times the slow pace three hours' lateness is the natural order of things
At others punctuality is key and why don't people here get that it's disrespectful to not be there on time when people--people who need and deserve to be shown respect the most--expect you to be?!

September, Rukiga
October, English

Yesterday I thought the church we walk to isn't so far away
Today we'll never reach it

To just be is to embrace both
That I want on Sunday and Monday.


Les said...

Sounds like a normal day at the office...the ups and downs of life make us what we are..stay tough and do your's all we can expect from ourselves and it makes us feel good!

Jennifer said...

What a great way to express yourself. So therapeutic. Good social work skills in action on yourself! :) Love you guys,
PS: Please give Eric a big bear-hug from me!

Janet said...

Megan (and Eric)...I'm sure that your feelings will be strong one day and down the next..such is life. Just remember the family/friends that love you a bunch, and those "down days" turn around fast..I since a little "homesickness"..that's miss us!!! yeah!!
keep smiling...oxox, Janet