Thursday, September 27, 2007

Delhi, a city that hurts

Hi all, I just came across this article & wanted to share. It speaks to just one of the many struggles that this city faces. Gosh, now that I've seen this place, I honestly can't erase it from my hurts.

Here's the article: Picking Up Trash by Hand, and Yearning for Dignity - The New York Times

At least they're making steps...even if they're the baby kind.


Les said...

Wow, that is an eye opener! We just don't know how good we have it. The complaining needs to stop for us!

Thanks for sharing.

Love ya


Jennifer said...

my heart hurts. thanks for sharing.

Krysta Rinke said...

thank you guys for posting this. i'll be back in delhi in february. hopefully they would have made progress by then. keep up the good work you two!