Tuesday, September 18, 2007

some thoughts on free will.

I think that free will is such a beautiful concept, and I am so grateful for people who appreciate this gift. These people may or may not be involved in the following actions:

1. Setting up mouse trips (which may consist of "mouse glue" & cookies/biscuits) in their room because the sound of little mouse feet walking/scratching/doing God knows what else is not acceptable.

2. Surprising one by buying raspberry scones, which are not actually scones, but still pretty good, and a definite change of pace.

3. Forcing their team member to post on their blog.

4. Enjoying the phrase "scarlet ankles, scarlet toes" immensely.

5. NOT liking the feel of flip-flops, and thus not wearing them.

6. Buying miniature speakers for their team member's MP3 player because they want to listen to more music than the damn "You've got me suicidal, suicidal" song.

7. Sitting on lawn chairs instead of a comfy couch because of said hypothetical mice/rats.

8. Calling him/herself "Marvin the Easter Rat".

9. Dancing down the main road of his/her temporary African home-village & singing the tune of The Brady Bunch theme song.

Now, the question for you is, which of these are true (and if so, who is the suspect involved) and which are just plain folly??
Enjoy your day!


Janet said...

I would have to say that Megan does not like the mice..and Eric is having fun teasing her...
Hang in there..and oh Megan..
try peanut butter, mice love it :)
and it's ok not to wear flip/flops son, I don't like them either!!
love you both, Mom

Jennifer said...

Mom! YOU posted first! :) You achieved your goal! haha. I totally knew it was about Eric right away! :)

lisa said...

I don't know if I"m playing the game right, but OK, here are my guesses--btw, hello fellow commentors, my name is lisa and I am a friend of megan's from gsv--I don't know eric, but he is one lucky guy....

1. Megan sets the traps
2. Eric buys the scones
3. Megan forces eric to post
4. I have no idea, but probably eric
5. someone already gave that away as eric, but I would have guessed megan--I'll be honest.
6. eric bought the speakers--(I can't picture megan typing "damn"
7. megan, again
8. megan
9. ahhh...I can't picture it, so I don't think it happened.


Les said...

I would definately say they are all true, and it's a silly question at best to ask who does or did or said what. We all know, you are too easy son!!!

Love you guys


Anonymous said...

I have actually met "Marvin the Easter Rat" as HE was at my house in Atlanta not long ago...hhhhmmmm....

Josie said...

Love the pictures Megan!