Friday, September 21, 2007

Flooding in Northeast Uganda

So, apparently the floods in Northeast Uganda have made international news. CNN has an article (thanks Rachel) - and it has been on the front pages of the national newspapers here in Uganda - the New Vision - and the Monitor - for several days now. Just yesterday, the army airlifted about 150 students, and schools have been closed or relocated over a large swath of the country. In all, about 25 districts have been affected, primary roads have been washed out, and several thousand people displaced in the last weeks. Thankfully for us, this is in the complete opposite side of the country (we're in the Southwest) - and despite all the distruction, the bright side is that lake levels in Lake Victoria have been rising - which is good because most of Uganda's electricity supply comes from a hydroelectric dam on the Nile river - which is fed from Lake Victoria. With a coming La Nina, I would expect flooding to continue for the Northeast - and we should stay relatively dry... but for national news in Uganda, follow our two major newspapers on the web!

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Les said...


Thanks for sharing whenever you can. This has been a crazy year for flooding around the world. I will watch from the links you have enclosed and pray for the folks.

Love you and be safe!