Monday, September 17, 2007

the dinner with Esther, our neighbor

As Meg promised, here are some pictures of our dinner with Esther and her family... (mostly her family!!) Enjoy!

Esther and Dismas (her 2-yr old son), and the meal she has prepared for us

the clothesline stretching from Esther's house to her father's house

Daphine, Davis (blue sweatshirt) - both Esther's children, a very excited yellow-shirted neighbor boy, and William - a cousin

the above mentioned's feet.

getting goofier.

Dismas, before he took the following picture...

not bad for a 2-yr old!

Esther, Dismas, and some white girl who joined us for dinner (she's kind of cute)

more sillyness

Karen - Esther's mother - joining the fun

Esther's family (and a very excited yellow-shirted neighbor boy)

Us, with Esther's family (I'm trying to show Henry - the photographer - how to use our camera, and thus have no forehead).

the neighbor kids, seconds after looking at their photo on the back of our camera

Davis and his grandfather, Charles

The entire extended family, including Monica (and her baby Viola), Gadsen, her husband (Esther's brother), and Henry (with the camera). (and a very excited yellow-shirted neighbor boy)


Les said...


Great pictures! Your friends definately look like they enjoy life and entertaining guests and friends! You guys are naturals when it comes to helping others feel good. Your kind hearts will get you everywhere! Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work. Your best is all you can expect.
I love you guys.


Janet said... have a neighbor in Osage named Esther and an neighbor in Africa as well!
Your picture looks great...
thank you for the fun photos..
sending a you, Mom

Danilo said...

Awesome! The kids look like they are a lot of fun! Good to see Eric in the pics! I bet they loved playing with the camera too!!!
love ya-donelle

Jennifer said...

What a fun night! I'm glad Esther's family welcomed you so well. I think the kids look like so much fun!! :) Great to see your smiling both look very happy.
Love you two!
Jenn (and Patrick!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric!
Like I told Megan, we are now finally catching up with your blog. The pictures are amazing. These people seems so warm and friendly and very hospitable. The food actually looks pretty good. I love avacados and pineapple. You and Megan seem to fit right in. I love the picture you took of Megan hanging up clothes. Willie said it looks like The Sound of Music backdrop! Anyway, I'm so glad you are actually have a home and a floor other than dirt and are able to have some of the basics in life. You both look happy and healthy. Just by you and Megan being there has changed these peoples lives in a positive way - a yours too of course! Take care of yourself Eric, Love you! Mary Sue and Willie