Friday, September 21, 2007

The results are in, update on the mouse, and a beautiful weekend in Kibale!

Hi all...happy Monday!

So, I know that the suspense has been driving you crazy, so alas, here are the answers to the ten mysterious previously-posted "riddles." Thank you all for your participation, and know that no matter what the results are, you all did a wonderful job. So...

1. Mouse after a very messy affair (due to a VERY determined little rodent), the mouse is gone. Sad, but relieving.
2. raspberry scones...Eric. Such a romantic.
3. Forcing their team member to post on their blog...Eric again (sorry Lisa! :)). I don't feel like there's a lot to say when I've just posted the day before, but Mr. Holthaus begs to differ. I guess there could be worse things. ;)
4. "scarlet ankles, scarlet toes"...pure folly, although Eric is starting to enjoy it.
5. NO flip-flops: Eric! This is something we have HIGHLY differing opinions on.
6. Buying miniature speakers...mmm, both, but technically Eric, as the MP3 player is mine... (do you guys hear the "suicidal,'re just a beeeeaaauuuutiful girl" song??)
7. lawn chairs...both...there's just something about having mice/rats crawling around in the couch you're sitting on (and hearing them!)
8. "Marvin the Easter Rat"...definitely Eric (you should hear the voice!).
9. Brady Bunch theme song/dancing...folly-filled fierceness!

So we just returned from a weekend trip to Kibale, which hosts Africa's second deepest (900 meters!) lake, Lake Bunyoni. We put our incredible tent to use for the second time (was it a "second" themed weekend or what??). It was AWESOME. I have never heard/seen so many different birds in my life. People say that most travellers to UG come only to see gorillas & such, but end up really enjoying the birds...well, count us in that number! I'm thinking we're headed toward professional birdwatcher-ship, though Eric seems to disagree.

It really was such a relaxing, good (and varied!)-food-filled, wake up to the crazy (LOUD, and awesome!) birds at 7am, just good type of weekend. The camp we stayed at (of which I coincidentally met the founder of last week, and hence our staying there!) is completely run by local people from the community, and they offer a lot of eco-tourism tours & fair-trade gifts (watch out, Christmas presents!), and really just work to empower local folks...that was our favorite part. Well, that and the birds. And the food. And swimming in the lake. And the broken telescope...

We hope that the seconds of your weekends were filled with fun too...let us know if not/so! :)
Pictures to come soon!


Jennifer said...

M&D and MS&W helped us install a new patio door this weekend. I'd show you a picture on here if I knew how. But seeing it in person would be better...b/c then you can actually open it up and walk through :) We had a good time but everyone was glad it was over! haha. Glad you had a good weekend! Eric, I think I'll go put my favorite flip flops on in honor of you!
Love you guys!

Les said...

Good to hear from ya Gunner! Glad you guys are having fun with life along with your work! Keep smiling that great smile and take car of the Rickster!

Love ya

Janet said...

Whew....what excitment!!!
I think the romantic in Eric comes from his Dad! Be prepared for a ritual of little "love notes"....and surprises!! have I ever told you about my 15th wedding ann. gift???
I'm so happy you are enjoying the sights and sounds of Uganda..
keep you, Janet

Andrew said...

Bunyoni is BEAUTIFUL! I rented a sailboat from the ecotourism spot on the island in the middle of the lake, and sailed around the lake, listening to the children on the shore sing the "Mzungu, give me money" song.

Continuingly jealously yours,

michelle said...

"your just to beautiful girl....that's why it will never work, you've got me suicidal, suicidal...."

oh yeah, we hear that song....over and over and over....

love you meggy poo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan!
Willie and I have just now caught up on your's and Erics blog. It is all truly amazing. Thank God for todays technology. To be able to share in all your wonderful and some not so wonderful experiences rocks! It must really humble you and Eric. These people really appreciate the simple things that we all take for granted on a day to day basis. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work and the blog Megan. Love You, Mary Sue & Willie

Anonymous said...

That's where we stayed 2 nights - at Bushara Island camp - pretty sure it's the same place. The most adventurous we got though was a dugout canoe ride!