Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bragging Rights...

Can I just tell you about something Eric did the other day?...Okay, thanks.

So he joined me for a men's group discussion the other day (he posted a picture of it). As we were discussing some of the challenges the men are facing in their community, they mentioned that they had not seen any impact from the project thus far (in their schools, on their roads, in their water supply, etc.). That was frustrating & we felt bad for them, but I figured this was something that we could not control, that eventually, the project would reach this community & they would benefit.

Eric, on the other hand, had a different idea. He asked James, the Gender facilitator whom I work with, who asked another person, who asked another person in charge, if it'd be possible to get the road-grater out to that community soon, so that they could see some changes & thus have some hope. To which the person in charge said, "No problem." (!!!!!!!!!)

SO, just because Eric decided to try to do something about it & not keep quiet, they're going to have a better (i.e. somewhat driveable) road WAY sooner rather than WAY later. I was (& am) so proud of him...Let's hear it for the boy!!


Les said...

Thanks for sharing that Meg! The squeaky wheel get's the grease! GOOD JOB ERIC! You guys can help those folks see a difference when you get inspired like that. Keep looking for ways to help them.

Love ya


Jennifer said...

Amazing. All it takes is one voice. You two ARE making a difference! I'm glad you are proud of yourselves, you deserve it! Consider this a cyber-hug!

Janet said...

Thank you Megan...
you know growing up in Kansas, and seeing "road-grader's" and tractors and all that farm stuff..may still be deep inside my son's heart :) I hope so.
I'm proud of both of you..and thanks for sharing the story...YEAH!..xoxoxox, Mom H.