Monday, August 31, 2009

Ethiopia Report launch, and exciting "other projects"

Hi Everyone-

I'm so happy today to report that the IRI has officially launched a preliminary draft of our report on the Adi Ha, Ethiopia project, which, as you know, I worked on quite a bit.

We also have representatives at this week's World Climate Conference hosted by the WMO in Geneva, Switzerland - again talking about Ethiopia, and other IRI projects we have going on around the world.

My favorite "other project" is just at the scoping stage right now, but has already put forward some promising leads and I hope to talk about it and work a lot more on it in the future. This project is in partnership with the Red Cross, and would be helping Caribbean and Central American countries with enhancing preparedness for tropical cyclones.

Also, this fall I will be taking a microeconomics course at Columbia (my first time officially being a student in a while...) to brush up on some basic skills that I think will improve my understanding of the decision-making forces operating in the families we are trying to help.

No trips to the field planned right now in the near future, but you know how those things can pop up.

Hope you all are well! Happy fall!