Monday, August 17, 2009

All eyes on Hurricane Bill

New England/Atlantic Canada needs to stay VERY alert over the next few days...

With Ana (dissipated over PR/DR) and Claudette (inland after landfall in Florida) both on the outs, all attention has now been focused on recently upgraded Hurricane Bill - which could reach Major Hurricane status sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

By this weekend, Bill could be bearing down on the New England coast, potentially as a Major Hurricane.

Barring anything too crazy (i.e. a Major, or forced evacuations), a chase-cation to Montauk may be in the works this weekend...


Dianne said...

ooooh! have fun "chasing"! sorry i didn't see you this visit... perhaps next time you can give me a bit more of a head's up, and i can plan a dinner or something with you. my weekend was just nuts, and i couldn't get out of work, sorry! i hope you enjoyed my new home!

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