Friday, March 20, 2009

My day - a spring equinox to remember.

Like my good work friend said... today was magical.  It was one of those days that you just know are special.  Of course we work for a climate organization - so the weather today had a lot to do with it. =)

In New York, for the last couple of weeks we've been battling the last bits of winter.  Two days ago it was in the 30s... but yesterday was beautiful.  To my surprise (and delight!) this morning I opened my front door and literally said out loud - "holy s***!"  HUGE snowflakes were falling.  It was so beautiful.  I think it might have been a little like the snow in New Orleans earlier this year.  Little kids were running around catching the huge flakes on their tounges, and everyone was smiling.  It was like winter wanted to give us one last goodbye surprise.  By the time I got to work, there was about 2 inches on the ground, and snow in the trees and everything.  About 3 hours later after some morning meetings, it was all gone again - and by the middle of the afternoon it was back to the upper 50s.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing again.  So, to celebrate, I went home after work and rode a couple of laps around the park.  What a beautiful present from mother nature on the first day of spring.    

Below are some pictures from my day.  (The pictures are way blurry...I think I need a different camera phone!)


snow outside my apartment this morning

NYC Dept of Education sends notices to parents in 7 languages - Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Urdu

the end of my commute

snow on the main campus this morning

snow at lamont

3 hrs later - spring!

the way home - on the F train (graffiti etching says "unite ONE")

my walk home

bike ride!

i got concert tickets in the mail today too!

and, a reminder of the good ol' usa - endless cleaning products.

(Not shown - capping off the evening with a nice cold beer and college basketball!)


Jenn said...

What a beautiful day!

Janet said...

Picture perfect!!
It makes me feel so good to know that the truly simple things in life are so special to you.
can't wait to see you this week..
I love