Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was talkin' to my sis the other day, in person. Which is something right there. But we both agreed that at times, we are a bit jealous of each other's lifestyles. I feel blessed to have been able to meet so many interesting people, travel to so many interesting places, and live in such an interesting city. But I also would like (someday) to have a nice home with a fireplace, and cute pictures of my honeymoon, and photo albums arranged under the coffee table. Fortunately, or unfortunately, today is not that day. But on the other hand, our realization helps me to appreciate more of what I have, and what I am, everyday. Being happy in the present moment.

I feel like every time I come home, it seems so short, and it seems like so much has happened since the last time we saw each other. Which is fine, but at some point, you just want to be close to your family - to the people that mean the most to you. You want to stop missing all the things that happened in between. But these short trips help me to remember how much my family really means to me. Really, in a real way.

I am thankful for Park Slope, my first New York home. And my New Orleans home. And my Africa home. And my home that's always waiting for me in Kansas. And especially, right now, for talk of future visits, and hugs waiting for me in all my homes.


Jenn "Mommy" said...

You just made me cry!
I love you big brother!

Janet said...

I love you son.
and I love what's inside of you.

krysta rinke said...

my brother and i have the same conversations. (sigh) but none of us can complain about the lives we have. i have to remind myself that the grass is never greener on the other side ... it's just different grass. and i'm not always ready for different when i think i am. happy thanksgiving my friend!