Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tonight is Sarah's night

So, now the Republican party also has a historic presidential ticket. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will present herself to the world tonight at the RNC, trying to be the first female vice president. Personally, this solidifies my support of Obama. Palin has been governor only two years (previously mayor of Wasilla, AK - where I did a 5K 3 years ago! cute town, but as you can guess, not to relevant on the world stage), and to me politically is a cuter, more likable version of Ann Coulter. What's more, the pick shows that McCain is willing to gamble with major decisions. What happens when Iran threatens Israel with a nuke in 2009?

The New York Times is all over the Palin stories this week:

David Brooks says John McCain really hasn't picked his vice president yet.

Maureen Dowd lays out a frighteningly funny scenario where President Palin takes on Putin (she has experience with Russia because it's close to Alaska).

And as far as climate goes (my #1 voting issue), Thomas Friedman argues that John McCain disqualified himself with the choice of Sarah Palin as VP (a staunch advocate of drilling in ANWR).


Jennifer said...

On a different topic, how's Hanna looking? What are your predictions?

Val said...

I love the ann coulter analogy. It is what I've been trying to tell people but I hadn't put the words together quite as well. :-)