Friday, September 5, 2008

longest commute EVER!

someone didn't want me to get to work this morning. after leaving my house at 7:39am, I watched the J train pull away as I got to the platform - 10min later, finally one stop away at Broadway Junction, I watched the A train pull away as I got to the platform. These two near misses combined to help me miss the 9am Lamont bus by 3 min. So, as the 10am bus was nearing Lamont, what could it be, but an oil tanker straddled across the highway, leaking its precious cargo into a drain down to the Hudson. Police had closed the highway for the accident, so we on the bus ended up walking the remaining 3/4 mile up to campus. Arriving at my desk at IRI at 10:58am. A 3 hour and 20 minute commute, one way! I could have been most of the way to Florida...

Speaking of Florida, Tropical Storm Hanna arrives tonight in the southeast coast, probably in the Carolinas. Shouldn't be too bad - but could still reach category 1 before landfall. I'll be going to Montauk this weekend to witness her arrival to the northeast. =)

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