Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i just realized that i never updated y'all (or is it ya'll?) on my trip to oklahoma last weekend. it was awesome. as amazing to any trip to oklahoma can ever dream of being. it was so great to reconnect with old friends, talk about the most weather-dorkish things possible, feel validated in the sense that i think my job is probably one of the best possible things ever to happen to me, and visit possibly the only art gallery in the world dedicated to tornados. if norman was in louisiana, i'd be set. but then it wouldn't be norman.

there ARE hiking trails in louisiana!! real ones, too. the best one looks like a 20-mile loop around a lake. but it's 100mi. away. maybe we should just hike there?

speaking of outdoor summer-ish activities... with meg's newly earned bike, we set out on our first real ride together last night. it was awesome. we found THE bike trail in new orleans, and i think i might go out again this afternoon and explore further...

what an awesome place! combination fashion show/music venue. only new orleans (one point for NO vs NY - check the poll on the sidebar!).

possibly the best polling site for the election on the internet. this is what i would create if i had the time (and knowledge).

and, in celebration of the cross-town, two-ballpark double header today... go mets!

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daniloandjaclyn said...

I am missing the south, as you are missing NYC, and am not finding anything enjoying in Miami. I found one park with trails, although they are quite short, and no where to ride our bikes. Guess I will give it a little more time since we have only been here a month. oh, and it is y'all (contraction for "you all").I love that you are fitting in!