Thursday, June 19, 2008

random thoughts while i'm waiting for the end of the week

Because I've been invited to speak at the REUnion this weekend in Norman, Oklahoma (on my grad school experience(s), working for climate and development, and random other things), this week my week ends on Thursday. That's today. And for this, I'm thankful.

It's been a whirlwind 10 days in New York, punctuated most notably by the first 10 minutes back in the office last monday. Neil greeted me warmly (I had been in New Orleans for 6 weeks - my longest trip yet), and promptly said - "well, I just want to put something on your radar... we might need someone to go to Malawi and Tanzania in a few weeks for some meetings... so, you might start packing your bags". So, the next day, I was in Staten Island at Dr. Scafuri's office getting a hepatitis booster. Things move quickly in New York.

Speaking of Staten Island, is there anywhere else in the world where you can ride the bus past a hindu temple, a synagogue, a mosque, a catholic church, a sri lankan grocery store, a honduran steakhouse, a place selling nigerian movies, and no fewer than 3 baseball diamonds with kids playing little league, all in 20 minutes? Yep, that's Victory Blvd.

Is New York the greatest city in the world because of that?

Do you ever catch yourself singing out loud at work (with headphones on, of course) and look up to see everyone in your office looking at you? Yeah, I'm *that* guy, apparently. I have this song in my head today.

The Democratic nominee for president of the United States just launched his first general election campaign ad today in 18 states INCLUDING Alaska, Georgia, Montana, and North Dakota. Freaking North Dakota!! What is up!! If he competes in those states, this isn't even going to be close.

And if the other guy keeps this kind of stuff up, he'll hand over the election on a Florida shaped platter.

Maybe it's just because I just moved to New Orleans (otherwise known as the big red bulls-eye below sea level), but this scares me. Not just because I'll be fearing for my life every day for the next 5 1/2 months of hurricane season, but because it shows that perhaps the government really doesn't care about us after all.

And if this is true, does it really matter anyway? Record food prices, increasing frequency of disasters, the global economy hanging in the balance... hey, at least the Yankees aren't in first place!

But, I have hope. You can reduce your impact by making small changes to your lifestyle. Here's some driving tips to help save gas (my local station - that I can see from the subway at 125th St. along Broadway - just hit 4.50 for regular unleaded).

No Day But Today! (right?!?) Live life, guys!


daniloandjaclyn said...

Love the tips on driving, though it pissed me off because I always sweat with the windows down because I thought it saved gas!! We are getting our Jetta (diesel engine)fixed and already found a biodiesel station near us! They are selling it at $4.45 a gallon, because there is not much demand right now, but say I will get 50+ mpg on biodiesel!

Janet said...

I'm glad you love NYC..
but don't forget your homeland in the heartland....Kansas!
love you....
and what about our Royals????