Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm grappling with what lesson I'm supposed to be learning here. I feel like I keep getting pushed in the direction of NEEDING patience. I am SOOOO thankful for my wonderful, beautiful, life-giving friends that supported me over the weekend (my purse got stolen & it was really frustrating). I love you SO much, Chrissy, Amy, & Michelle. SO much. The fact that after 3 AM on Sunday I laughed about 6.57 million times says a lot, I think.

With why, in waiting for the locksmith to bring a key in the FREEZING, wind-penetrated parking garage, we were put off SEVERAL times, & ended up waiting in there for an approximate total of 5 1/2 hours...I was so over it. The past few days, without a debit card, house key (thank God for our alarm!), or cell phone, the most missed items, I've had several moments of almost losing it (i.e. crying really hard & feeling completely overwhelmed).

And with why, today, the day that I'm CRAVING connection & getting things done & talking back & forth with Eric all day, after having a month of clean-cut internet access at the store, I'm left without it as I'm asked for a username & password that doesn't exist.

I keep reminding myself that I am woman, that I am strong, that SO MANY people go through this, and that I am so lucky to have friends who will roll around on garbage cans to break into my house for me.

I'm grappling with the fact that keys disappear more quickly than they reappear, and for them we can only wait.


Eric said...

Maybe, it's all about empowerment. Maybe through all this you'll realize that you ARE intelligent, capable, resourceful, patient enough to do all these things on your own that right now seem scary or complicated or hard.

You ARE woman (I wanna hear you roar...!)

Jennifer said...

hugs, megan...pretty soon all of this will just seem like a little bump in the road.


Janet said...

It's called "trusting in faith"...because these material items you have "missed", might make you recongize that it was your friends love and support that are the most valuable "items"..and it takes our faith to realize that.
and yes, women are powerful in our own way!!! :)

Anonymous said...


love michelle :)