Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whitney Nagy, is that you????

Well at this rate, my dear kindergarten best friend who had the coolest log-cabin house ever (that I still sometimes envy), I wouldn't be surprised. All kinds of people that I was NOT planning on seeing this soon after being back have popped up, and I am so thankful!

So we got back to NYC on a Monday, & had a wonderful few days catching up with (i.e. eating lots of bagels & pizza with ;)) Ryan & Mary. THEN Christina Harris (who I'm starting to think couldn't care less about Roy) came up for the weekend, which was an AWESOME surprise. We got to stay with Liz, my old roommate, for a few days, & now have been at Alli's for over a week I think (thanks Alli & Anish!). This past weekend I got to head down to Philly, where I had much needed Janet Iafrate time. And that's not it folks!!! Tomorrow morning, I'll see my old Clemson professor (not that old...about 34ish) & friend w/ his son, just at the airport while I'm picking up our rental van. AND THEN, we're detouring through Clemson to see Amy & Michael (after which we'll see Michelle & Maia, and my parents of course in Slidell, and possibly the McNulty clan the following weekend!!!)!!!!! This is of course not to mention seeing some past volunteers, my old (not that old though) colleagues, my great friend Farida, and my counselor!

Holy moley!!! I'm so freaking lucky!!!!

And needless to say, it's been a really smooth transition, given all this good catchin' up stuff over the past few weeks (Tues. marked one month since we've been back in the U.S.). But it is kinda sad closing this chapter of my life, saying goodbye to some really incredible friends, our church, NYC in general. I'm a bit nervous about being "settled" & not quite as busy as I've been here...we'll see. But life is good, and I feel hopeful.

So go ahead Whitney, you just keep reading your's not like I'm looking straight at you from the other side of the subway car. Pretend you don't see me...for now. Soon enough, we'll cross paths again.


Yeah, we're gypsies. So what? said...

Driving through Alabama? You are welcome to break up the trip for a night and stay here...would love to see you. If not, we may head to N.O. before our trip to Brazil so keep me posted..and call me while you are on the road!!!

Whitney said...

Megan Masset? Is that really you?
No way! I can't believe it! :)
It's me... Whitney!
I don't know where to start.
I would love to talk to you.
Here is my email,

By the way, that wasn't me on the subway.

Anonymous said...

lo que yo queria, gracias