Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Real LA!

That's right...alas (which I always think sounds like, and therefore sometimes substitute it for, "at last"), we are in Louisiana; Eric temporarily for now, me permanently. For now. ;)

On our 20-hr. trek down from New York, we drove through Hershey, PA (we could NOT smell the chocolate in the air, by the way), which was quite exciting (esp. the roller coasters made out of chocolate!), stopped in Clemson, where we got to sleep at Amy & Michael's for 3 hours (after driving through the night!) &, even better....VISIT with them too!!! Amy has always done good things for my soul, but to share good times with our lifetime male specimens is just awesome. We had a really great time...Clemson ice cream and all (they have their own dairy, so students make and sell the ice cream...brown sugar vanilla/dark chocolate chip combo is HIGHLY recommended!).

I don't think I've ever gotten home from Clemson before 10:00 or so, and this time was not an exception. We got here at 12:30am, unloaded the NON-sto n go, filled to the brim (i.e. shoes stuffed under the seats!) rental van, got a few hours of sleep, then headed to N.O. to return the van. And no, we did not return it to the truck place instead of the car place and consequently get subtly reprimanded by the Budget attendant, why?

Since then, we've both been in our own little versions of earth-heaven, me spending time w/ Michelle & Maia, Eric spending time in hurricane seminars. What can I say, we're a good balance. ;) Eric heads back to NYC on Sunday evening....hopefully not for TOO long!

p.s. I'm glad I don't use parentheses too much (i.e. every (other) word).


Eric said...

you're cute.

Jennifer said...

How did the conference go??