Friday, October 5, 2007

Our garden

We planted our garden this weekend - a major goal of ours for our time here in the village. It was a few weeks late (so now we might not have time to eat any of the "fruits of our labor"), but better late than never, right? Some of the plants (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage) needed to first be planted in a seed bed nursery, and then later transplanted, so photo 4 is our attempt at constructing a protected seed bed nursury, African style!
We're gonna have a lot of fun with this one!


Jennifer said...

how cool! hope they grow a bit while you are there :) of course, those veggies don't look very yummy to your little sis though! love you bro!

Janet said...

OH MY's hugh!!!
I'm jealous...and hungry!
Enjoy every minute of the dirt under your fingernails...and Megan thank you for taking a photo of Eric..I loved it!!
hey, I finally made a post before your dad beat me to it..:)

Les said...

Nice! Save some for me, I want a steak with my veggies!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan and Eric!
That soil looks very fertile. It should grow well. Willie wants to know where the okra is. But we'd need to send you a Fry Daddy if you planted that! Don't know where you'd plug it in though. Anyway, you both look great and so does your garden! Thanks for the pics. love ya! Mary Sue