Friday, October 5, 2007

Help a friend!

Hi all, sorry for the shameless advertising. Please take a moment to help out a friend of mine. This friend (Chris Thomas) is an amazingly gifted young composer, who has an incredible ear - (to demonstrate, he once dropped a spoon and told me the three notes it made (something like B-flat, F, C-sharp) as it hit the tile counter. Amazing.) Now, he is in Los Angeles, trying to make the big time. He is the real deal. He's recently been nominated for the 2007 Film and TV Music Awards - up against some of the biggest names in the industry (the other categories include TV shows and movies I'm sure you all will recognize). So take a minute to vote and help him out! Thanks so much!

Here's his email:

Dearest everybody!

For the 2007 FILM AND TV MUSIC AWARDS Christopher Thomas has been nominated for BEST ORCHESTRATOR against 4 of Hollywood 's top talents. As the youngest contender, he needs YOUR help to win!

To vote, you must register. (No worries, nobody will bother you by mail or phone). It takes 2 minutes.

Please vote before the DEADLINE OF OCTOBER 15!!!

To begin, go to this link:

Create an Account - (Primary Industry - Choose "Other")

Click - "Go to members area"

Click option 3 - "Enter or Change Your Votes"

Under "Orchestration"
1. Best Orchestration: Christopher Thomas

Under "Film" category
1. Best Score for an Independent Feature: Austin Wintory
2. Best Score for a Student Film: Austin Wintory

CLICK - SUBMIT at bottom of page.

PLEASE SEND THIS LINK TO EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! A victory over the big dogs is another victory for our generation of musicians and filmmakers. Vote for the underdog!!

Many thanks to all!
~Chris Thomas


Les said...

OK, we'll get to votin right now!!
Wish him luck from The Flatlands of Kansas!

Les said...

Nomination Status : Nominations are currently closed. Nominations are accepted between September 1 and September 20.
Did I do something wrong?

Anonymous said...

hey dad-
you should be looking in the "voting" section, the nominations section is to actually nominate someone for an award. he's already been nominated. the steps to vote are in his email