Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who is our neighbor?

Last week, Fr. Duffell's homily at Ascension struck us both very deeply, especially as we prepare for our few months of service in Uganda.

In general "The Duffster" (as we lovingly call him) is focused very much on unity, acceptance, and love (the unqualified, agape, trusting, brotherly (and sisterly) kind). So when the reading was about the good Samaritan, naturally you could expect him to be on the top of his game.

The main thrust of his homily was that, in the parable Jesus tells to his disciple, those who pass by the beaten, robbed man on the other side of the road (including a priest!) were ignoring his call to be "neighbor". While his disciple correctly quotes that the greatest commandment is "to love your neighbor as you love yourself" - he then asks a follow-up question: "Who, exactly, is my neighbor?" Jesus (and Duffell) respond to this by saying, anyone who calls out to you in need is your neighbor. One of Duffell's favorite sayings is that "we are called not to judge one another, but to love one another". We shouldn't be stingy with our love. We are challenged to love EVERYONE, not just those for whom it is easy for us to love.

We're so excited that he's agreed to do our wedding!

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