Monday, July 23, 2007

A prayer for Africa

Meg found this prayer today... what do you think?

A Prayer for Africa

O Lord, Creator of the entire world,
O Loving God,
This prayer is for Africa.

Bless the plains, rivers, trees
And all the African lands.
Bless the birds, fish and animals
That bring beauty and abundance to Africa.

Bless O Lord,
Your children in Africa.
Dry their tears,
Bring hope into their hearts,
Health and safety to their lives,
Food and water for their nourishment.
Bring peace to their countries
And still the guns of war.

Bless us, O Lord,
And heal your continent of Africa.
Renew the land, renew the spirit
Of all those who are wounded in any way.
May justice roll down like water
On the parched ground of your beloved
Africa. Amen.

We love it. And we love sharing these moments in our journey and "changing spiritual landscape" (as a good friend recently put it) with you!

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