Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This morning

I woke up with a refreshed sense of love & inspiration for this here blog; my first thought: "I must post today!" I don't think it had anything to do with the ridiculous amount of guilt I had placed upon me last night by E. Holthaus (my pet name for Eric).

Ah, always good intentions, but my thoughts have not quite made it here lately. My passport now has Hindi writing and the word "Uganda" on it; my room has made its way into 12 medium sized boxes and 3 suitcases (or so I've told, and I'm leaving the country in about 20 days. Holy crap. The past few weeks have been really overwhelming, with lots of amazing things interspersed in there (read: Mary & Ryan's wedding was one of the most beautiful life events I've ever been a part of; I want to rent those nieces & nephews out for our wedding! :)). Sunday at church was one of those messages where I felt like it was totally directed at me. Fr. Duffell (no, we don't really call him the "Duffster," just "Duffell" (I don't know where the "Fr." part escaped to)), referring to the reading about Martha being busy as a good host for Jesus and Mary sitting & talking with him, asked if we make time to be quiet & at peace when we're so busy in life, "even if it means for five minutes on the subway." PERFECT timing...after getting mostly packed up this past weekend, I'm feeling MUCH more at ease, but I'm also still a little nervous because lots has to happen within the next few weeks! I need to remember to make time to just be. Please send your thoughts & positive energy our way!

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