Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter-mania strikes Miss Massett (and about everyone else in New York)

After the utter hysteria that was the release of HP7 (as those of us in the 'know' call it...) which included over 8 million copies sold worldwide in the first 24hours (the fastest selling book of all time), and motivated fans to travel far and wide to be the first in line, we figured we'd hold off, cause you know, we're saving money for our trip and stuff. We were passing through Penn Station at 1:15am, just after the release and saw all the bright, shiny stacks of books sitting out, but restrained ourselves until yesterday... when we both broke down at almost the exact same time! (I'm returning the copy I bought at Bank Street Books tonight... If you've never been there, I highly recommend it! It's an amazing children's bookstore in Morningside Heights... like something out of a movie itself) I guess seeing literally 2 or 3 people on every subway car on every train reading the same book over the last couple of days was enough for us! Also, we HAVE to know what happens... like my friend Asher (who is also reading the book) was saying, it has brought countless teenagers added self-confidence, hope, and joy to watch an outcast orphan save the world... he can't just die! So good luck, Megan, with your reading!

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