Saturday, March 28, 2009

One more day in Kansas

The great spring blizzard of 2009 is almost over!

What I think happened was that the storm intensified so much that the models weren't able to handle its progression out of the area properly. NWS in KC noted that some of the energetics of the storm were 5 standard deviations above normal. Pretty crazy. So the storm ended up pulling up more warm air and more moisture from the south than were expected. So lots more ice than snow for the places that were supposed to get snow (I-35 corridor) and the snow shifted more north. Manhattan (8 inches) to Hutchinson (18 inches) to Pratt (28 inches) was the big snow bullseye for this storm. But, 6 inches of snow on top of 3 inches of sleet/ice in West Wichita, power lines down in Osage County, and snow and ice shutting down KCI were more than enough to impact my weekend.

SO... one more day in Kansas for me. =)

Snow total maps over the last 2 days:

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