Friday, March 6, 2009

Last meeting! and more from Adi Ha

Today was our biggest meeting of the trip... and it went really well.
We have buy-in from all the major partners, and a vision for how to
get a transaction completed to have drought insurance for the farmers
in Adi Ha by this year's rainy season, which begins in June. It was a
great feeling.

Attached are some more pictures of Adi Ha.... 1) the late night farmer
meeting under the tree, 2) the stars in adi ha (you can see orion), 3)
some camels walking by, 4) meeting with the village chief to discuss
the index insurance project structure, 5) the chief, 6) doing some
marketing analysis with farmers about the logo (it's a picture of hand
holding grain... you can see one of the farmers demonstrating), 7) the
kids were way more interested in my camera!, 8) the locally collected
rainfall data.

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Jenn said...

More great news! Love the photos again.