Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dinner last night, and the super market

So in my previous post, I wrote about our traditional Ethiopian dinner we shared last night. Here are some pictures - which are super small due to bandwidth reasons, but you might get the idea. On the way home from dinner we stopped in a small supermarket close to our hotel. Markets like this I think are a window to the inner workings of a place.

Today I hope to wonder around town a little bit (with my big camera) and prepare for the flight to Tigray and the week of meetings in Mekele and the village, Adi Ha. More stories and pictures soon.

p.s. it was SO nice to sleep in this morning!


Sunset after our last meeting last night... the moon and stars were so beautiful.

The musicians at dinner.

The lighting inside the yurt-restaurant were traditional clay lamps hung from the ceiling.

Our candlelit table.

The staff gathered around a table in the corner, chatting.

Our food... there's a small glass in the corner for scale.

"Dat Super Market"

Some soap.

Some noodles.

Some coke.


Dianne said...

i LOVE checking out the markets when i visit new places. thanks for the pics!

Jenn said...

Cool resturant!