Friday, December 5, 2008

This is huge...

Wow, can you imagine? Face to face talks between Obama and Raul Castro in Guantanamo?

That's the kind of change I can believe in.


Anonymous said...

Kid, I can't wait till you get a little real world experience. I'll admit to not being schooled smart as you "appear" to be, but common sense is learned in life, and you don't have any of that yet. You seem to be blinded by the 'glow' coming off those shiney teeth of the new pres. Can't wait to read some of your blogs in 3/4 years when the glow has worn off and the inexperience starts showing thru..

Anonymous said...

That previous response was right on. Eric, what will happen when "he" starts spreading the wealth you've grown accustomed to. Do you honestly think "sharing" the wealth is the answer to everyone on welfare or other doles?
Most of them wouldn't work if you gave them a job, not in the genes. I can tell by your blogs that you travel extensively, ask your provider (of funds) what they think of the new prez, would your travel itinerary have been different if Barry had been in this office during your high school/college days spreading the wealth. Pull the troops out, close Gitmo, but if they do, keep your butt in NY and keep posting blogs cause I'd like to have a first hand account of whats gonna happen when "they" bring it to us.