Monday, November 3, 2008

More on GOTV in Bucks County, PA

Our GOTV routes today in Pennsylvania put us in the upper-middle class northeastern suburbs of Philadelphia. A little out of my league - and a little out of Obama's league as well - there were plenty more McCain signs than Obama signs... but the Obama campaign has consistently done a truly game-changing, amazing job with defining, re-defining, and narrowing down likely voter lists using all sorts of Google-inspired, super efficient techniques. Not a moment is wasted, and not a household is overlooked that may still be thinking about voting for our man. Not to mention the overwhelming volunteer turnout (our group had 3 high school girls, 2 New York City school teachers, and a guy who ran the NYC marathon YESTERDAY). The office we worked out of, in Warminster, PA was a satellite office of the main Bucks County office - itself one of over 80 Obama campaign offices JUST IN PA.

Today we were told that time is so critical that we shouldn't knock on any doors, and should try not to engage in any conversations - only work your way down your pre-defined sheet of undecided/lean Obama voters on your route, and hang a tag with information about their polling location on their door. I got through 3 lists and 95 doors myself yesterday, and since we were in spread out neighborhoods with big lawns, did probably 3-4 miles of walking in the 8 hours we were out.

The only people I talked to was a housewife who thought I was her husband coming home from work, and a 10-yo girl walking home from school that said she was voting for Obama in the "Kids vote" election at school tomorrow.

Below is the record of my day.

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