Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting home tonight

So, the NYC subway system is officially a mess. For some reason, almost ALL the lines are doing construction, but suspiciously absent are any construction workers.

This is how I got home tonight from my friend's house in Queens, normally about a 50 min ride.

10:31- get to the 30th Av N stop - wait 16 min for a N shuttle train to Queensboro Plaza.
(the N/W trains are running in sections - and there's no N/W train service between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza)
10:58- at Queensboro Plaza, take a 7 train to Bryant Park.
(Here I intended to take a F train to Essex St, but instead...)
11:10- at Bryant Park (which has some awesome mosaic murals inside, btw), take a Brooklyn bound R train which I'm surprised to find is running on the 6th Ave. line but crossing the Manhattan Bridge. I need to cross the Williamsburg Bridge.
11:16- on the R train. Normally I would get off at 14th st to take the L, but the L has also been running in sections, stopping at Myrtle Av. with shuttle buses running the rest of the route. My stop, Wilson Av., is 2 stops past Myrtle. So I decide to keep going to Grand St., where I'll have to go up to the street and walk to Bowery St. - the J train stop 3 blocks from Grand St.
11:40- at Bowery St., swipe my Metrocard - and realize the the J is ALSO running in sections, to Essex St. The sign says one train every 20 min, so I decide to go back out to the street and just walk down Delancey to Essex.
11:46- at Essex St. Finally. Swipe my Metrocard for the 3rd time this journey, and race up the 3 flights of stairs to the J platform where I find a crowded J train waiting for me. Two people are sleeping stretched out on the bench inside, holding each other and sleeping - taking up 6 seats. I smile. Life is good.
12:07- at Chauncey St. and home.

In total, 4 trains, 1hr, 36 min.

But, Miranda, those brussel sprouts were SO worth it. =)

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Dianne said...

thanks for keeping tabs on all the trains and times. highly entertaining. and my aunt lives in queens, so i can picture it!