Monday, October 6, 2008

Yet another reason why scientists sometimes make poor communicators:

"INDEX-BASED financial risk transfer mechanisms are being tested in the context of development and climate change adaptation. These instruments show the capacity to dramatically reduce conditions of chronic underdevelopment by both enabling investment and reducing shocks in agricultural livelihoods. However, important issues have been raised, including the potential for scaling up and the role of climate-informed science to help overcome some of the challenges to scale up. The IRI is convening experts from fields as diverse as reinsurance, climate science, economics and food security to participate in an upcoming workshop, in an effort to gain insight on how innovative tools and research can best serve development, today. "

Why not just say, "We are trying to save poor farmers in Africa from droughts. Do you want to come here for a day conference and talk about it with us?"


Les said...

heard Jeff's comments on the radio this morning!

Megan said...

I totally agree Eric. Nice post.