Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav - major hurricane, LA landfall tomorrow

While Gustav remains a major hurricane (now a Category 3) with sustained winds of 120mph... it has not strengthened much since emerging from the north coast of Cuba last night. Right now, it is battling a bit of shear, having a bit of trouble keeping a stable eye, and about to leave the warmest waters of the Gulf. These points would argue that perhaps Gustav is nearing its peak intensity in the Gulf. Gustav is still forecast to regain Category 4 strength - briefly - and is again forecast to make landfall as a Category 3. Landfall location has also been trending a bit west - a bit closer to Morgan City than Houma. Gustav could still make landfall as a Category 4 - but the difference between a high category 3 and a low category 4 won't be distiguishable for most locations.

The bottom line is that in 24 hours Gustav will make landfall in Louisiana as a major hurricane.

Hopefully you are all reading this from outside the borders of Louisiana, but if not, you probably have until sunset today to safely evacuate. If you are still in southeast Louisiana after sunset tonight, find a sturdy location on high ground and start praying.

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