Friday, July 25, 2008


I just wrote this down on a piece of scratch paper my waiter gave me at dinner tonight:

Zanzibar is Zanzibar. There is no other way I can describe it. It's unlike anywhere I've ever been.

I was so nervous on the ferry ride here. Because of the last time. I was envisioning long hours on the phone with the embassy again - and chewing my fingernails the whole way. But it was easy, and now i'm here. Stepping off the boat, I just tried to make peace with the situation. I decided to just greet whoever I met with love - with a smile in my mind. It worked.

Now that I'm here, it's impossible to be worried about anything in a place like this.

The waiter just brought fresh peanuts, just for while I'm waiting. After he brought me this piece of paper. I rest my case.

I'm sitting on the roof of this restaurant. There is a cool breeze. There are a million stars. I am very happy.

I walked through countless narrow winding alleys to get here. Every corner is mysterious. Boys playing tag in Swahili. An old woman selling oranges. A bike zooming past. I couldn't help smiling the whole way.

In Zanzibar, nothing is closed off. Inside, or outside, there is always a breeze blowing through. There are details everywhere - wood carved doors, always something catching your eye. It's beautiful.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow. To just be.

My food is here - vegetable pulau and (fresh) spiced tea. It's amazing.


I just looked up from my paper. I'm still here.

And I'm going to order dessert. It's a special night.


Janet said...

amen,amen..I say to you!
peace IS with you!

Jennifer said...

I bet the dessert was delicious. I read my little peel off calendar yesterday and all it said was "Enjoy every moment"...that you are!
Love you!

Les said...

Sure wish I could experience the time with you!

Megan Sheremata said...

What a great moment! And I love the picture of those turtles.