Monday, July 14, 2008

A whirlwind already!

Deep Breaths.

So, being excited for my trip to Africa, and not having anything better to do this morning, I decided to head to the airport a little early and do some work on my laptop at the gate. The good folks at LGA and Delta had other plans. The checkin line was SO long. Delta had only 3 agents working. When a 4th one joined, the line literally erupted in applause. Quickly, however, we were back down to 2. As the time for my flight approached (and waiting time passed 3 hours) I decided to take matters into my own hands. I skipped my place in line (we were all friends, or "line-mates" by this point), walked up to the ticket counter and said, "Excuse me, I have a flight to South Africa in 30 min. Can you check me in please? I think I can still make it." Within 5 minutes, I was on my way through security. Why didn't I say something sooner??

So despite being 4 hours early for my flight, I ended up officially checking in 1 min before the cutoff time - and then proceeded to run through the terminal (in my socks) to catch my flight to Atlanta.

Not sure how much I'm looking forward to the next flight (Atlanta - Senegal - South Africa "direct"), especially after I read this review.

The line at La Guardia.

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Les said...

It's always amazing to me when I slow down and realize there are other people in this world doing there own thing too!