Thursday, July 31, 2008

unexpected wisdom

i just met one of the guys who does maintenance work in our building yesterday. his name is randolph. randolph has at least 4 front top teeth that are covered in gold, is african-american, and wears baggy jeans. i, unfortunately, had labeled him as "different" for these things.

randolph and i just had a beautiful conversation, which went something like this:
me : (in reference to his washing our 13-ft. windows yesterday) you still washing windows today?
r: (as he looks up from his phone that he's holding in front of him & obviously texting) well, i'm just doing a little counselin' now, you know?
me: counseling?
r: friend asked me do we hate to love or do we love to hate? i told her we hate to love b/c love hurts.
when there's pain, that's how you know it's love.
me: (in awe but trying not to get cheezy) yeah, i would agree with that...well when you see Mike, could you ask him if he could turn the air conditioner up? it's freezing in there today!

so, yeah. i got nothin.


daniloandjaclyn said...

These are the best moments in life, where unexpectedly we are opened up to think....Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you wrote this down. How cool that God drops us these little signs in our day to day life. Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Les said...

There are others in this world!!!

Janet said...

Awesome Meg...
you're the type of person that people can and will trust to talk to...God bless...