Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tanzania meteorological agency

So, things here are a bit different than in Malawi. We haven't had much contact with Tanzania Met (TMA as they like to be called) before I arrived, and they are a bit skeptical (mostly they just want reassurance that we aren't going to "cut and run" like other projects). So this visit has been a little less clear cut - and more diplomatic. I'm meeting with the Director General tomorrow, but I already have the lead agrometeorologist on my side, and I think it will just be a formality to organize things officially, but still - it's definitely not as easy here as it was in Malawi. Plus, I'm by myself.

I did get to meet briefly yesterday with the UNDP country representative for the Millennium Development Goals that is my project's unofficial representative in Tanzania. A smiley Tanzanian guy, very much the politician and bridge-builder. (He had a brand-new 3G iphone) Before he left me, he said "Remember, these are real people out there in the village. They need our help." I think it was the little bit of grounding that I needed to set me on my way.

I'm also scheduled to give a presentation on Friday morning. (Before I go to Zanzibar for the wknd... =)

p.s. also, I switched hotels today - from the dusty downtown to the green tropical beach. same price. how could i not? more later.

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Les said...

You met a good man...real people are everywhere but most times we don't think that way, will you be in contact with him again?