Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunset... and that means evening prayers in Dar es Salaam.

Imams chanting, beckoning their flock over loudspeakers to the local mosque.

Women with heads covered rushing past me holding little hands, leading them down the dusty street.

Young men guarding handwoven baskets brimming with rice, beans, tomatoes... everything for sale.

It's a whirlwind.

Could I have been in Union Square a week ago today?

Where another market shops its organic bread and pesticide free tomatoes to people who talk on iphones?

The tomatoes here are pesticide free too, but not because of some do-gooder's choice.

People here are just worried about today.

But there's poverty in both places... (poverty of the belly here, and poverty of the spirit at home)

There's theft in both places... (theft of the future here, and theft of the now at home)

And there's hope in both places... there will be a sunrise tomorrow in both places.

Maybe we're more equal than we think, after all.


Jennifer said...

We love you!! :)

Mom & Jenn

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, bub. And is theft "the only sin" (think Kite Runner)? I think there's something to that....
Did you get some cashews?????

Eric said...

not yet!! gotta wait for the ferry.

Les said...

And life goes on!