Saturday, July 26, 2008

So, here's some news...

When you see the image below, what do you think?

a.)"That is the cutest dog in the world!"
b.)"That is a 5-month old beagle/jack russell mix."
c.)"That is Megan's new puppy."
d.)"That really is the cutest flippin' dog in the world!"

Answer...well, all of the above! That's right, after discovering this little Pepper last Thursday (the 17th), hanging out with her three times, consulting with my peeps, and listening to my heart, I decided I wanted to make those hang-out times permanent. I officially adopted her on Thursday (the 24th), but she didn't come home with me for real (except for a "walk-thru" on thursday) until last night. Because she is blind, we wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for her (from her foster home to her forever home!), so we decided to wait until the weekend so I could have all wk.end to spend with her. I was really nervous b/c she's come from a home w/ 2 other dogs, which is REALLY helpful for her to get around, have a companion, etc., so i didn't know how it would be for her as an "only canine," but she is doing AMAZING. She is just an awesome little being. Come meet her! I don't have any batteries for my camera right now, but I'm working on it...I'll definitely be posting lots of pictures/videos SOON!

I recently heard a great quote I've been thinking about a lot lately, especially given this situation. "Some people say love is blind, but in actuality, love sees everything." (Chris, please refine to make it sound pretty. :))


Jennifer said...

Oh, she melts my heart!! What is her name?

daniloandjaclyn said...

OH MEGS!! I have been waiting for this!!! How awesome!!

Anonymous said...

that just might be the cutest puppy on the planet.

m morris

becca said...

She is adorable! My neighbors have a beagle/terrier puppy. He has a lot of energy!