Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Live from the Jungle...

Gotcha! You probably thought this was Eric reporting, but nope! Just Pepper here, wanting to fill my fan club in on my first few days at my new home! In this first picture I'm just helping Mom mow the lawn (we both love her new lawnmower that doesn't use gas or electricity (it's the old school kind w/ 4 blades)!

Lots of big things have happened lately....

and I mean big! My first meeting with Bisou was actually pretty anti-climactic; Mom says I normally go CRAZY over other dogs, but I couldn't even tell if Bisou was a dog because his head was so far away from me. Mom got scared when Bisou tried to play with me...I think the whole 15-times-my-size thing made her nervous!

I got to meet my Gammy and Granddad on Sunday. No pictures yet, but I get to meet my aunts Melissa & Rosie this weekend, as well as cousins Rambeau, Ella, and Jackson. I can't wait to see them...wait a minute....

They say that when two beings are in love, you can't tell where one starts and where the other begins...I don't know about that, but I sure do love my cow!

One thing my mom says she is the most proud of is how tough I am. See below for an example!

Well, I guess it's a love/hate relationship.

Gosh, life sure is fun lately. Maybe even too fun...this is how I end pretty much every day:

Hopefully you do too! Have a good one, and thanks for checking in!


Amy said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwww!!!!! TOO CUTE! Very ferocious little girl- sure am glad i am not a cow.

You are her seeing-eye human. cute..... Love you and the puppsy. can't wait to meet her and see more pics!

Lola said...

Too cute, glad you finally adopted her!

The Jacksonville Hills Family said...

Your Pepper is so're a momma now! Can't wait to hear updates:) Love ya, Staff