Monday, May 19, 2008

A new (new) house

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kevin for all your work and dedication to us this week!

After 9 (or so) trips to Home Depot, and 5 days of long hours, we have a nearly new (new) house. As you can see by the pictures, a lot happened in the past few days - from re-enforcing termite destroyed wood, to installing cabinets, to caulking gutters - our house is much more safe and livable thanks to the dedicated people that helped Meg and I fix it up this week! You guys are life savers!


Jennifer said...

WoW! It looks like you guys did a great job! I love the steps :) Wish Patrick and I could have been there :)

PS- Mom said you guys had the date and church set for 5/23/09..can't wait!!! :) How exciting...exactly one year from today!

Les said...

Thanks for the pictures, we really enjoyed helping you ands wish we could have stayed longer, but that gives us a reason to come back! And, by the way, your date is on Grandpa's death date! Cool!

Anonymous said...

I loved every minute of it, and both of you too!

Anonymous said...

It makes me tired just looking at everything you all got done! You're blessed with very helpful parents and future in-laws! Hope to come see you both someday - Maybe after you're all done -ha! We're happy for you and your new home and your new job Megan. Things always work out don't they. God Bless You Eric and Megan! Love, Mary Sue