Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some things

I haven't posted in a while, & though I don't have much to "report" except for my thoughts, I think it's time.

So, a tribute to some of my latest thoughts:
1. Some music I'm enjoying lately: I've recently discovered Madeleine Peryoux & am currently listening to her on slammer.com (she apparently sounds a lot like Ella Fitzgerald); Jack Johnson (what's new there); Amy Winehouse has an incredible voice but it's a shame about her status; though I don't know much else about Colby Caillat, I LOVE Bubbly. LOVE it. Eric and I went to Preservation Hall in the French Quarter for his birthday (thanks for the encouragement, Asher!)...it's basically where jazz/Louis Armstrong was born (they've cleaned up the afterbirth, thank goodness); the live New Orleans-esque jazz made me real excited to live there!
2. If this blog-post doesn't put the message across enough, I need a job. I've really been thinking/praying a lot lately about what to do b/c I really want to focus on the fair trade thing but it's kind of overwhelming for one person & I kinda need some income, so I haven't known what I should do. Well, last week after hearing Barack Obama speak at Tulane (please do that if you're ever within 500 miles of the man...unbelievable), one thing led to another, and I met a girl who opened a fair trade store on Tulane's campus in October, and well, within about an hour of meeting her, it looked like I'd be working with her. (Call for details.) I should be starting by next week at the latest.
3. It's good to be back down here. I've already seen Maia once & will again in early March; I've already seen the McNulty munchies once & will again at the end of Feb.; and it's been really good to spend some time with my parents...they've been really awesome in letting me live with them during this transitional time.
4. Now that I've settled back into "real life" (at least somewhat), every time I'm reminded of our time in Africa/India, it is so hard to believe that people live the way they do.
5. I like this picture. It's called Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt.

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Jennifer said...

i love the picture too! :) good to hear from you!