Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, we're thinking of Nov. 15th for the weddin'


Here's my contribution to that (click the graph below):

It's a study of the probability of any given day throughout the year being dry in New Orleans. Note the peak in dry day probability around the week of Nov. 15th... over the last 12 years, there was about an 80% chance of NO rain. As in, we don't want it to rain that afternoon b/c we're thinking of getting married in a place where it would be BAD if it was raining! (sufficiently vague enough for ya'?) If you're intrigued, stay tuned to 1000strings! We won't let you down!
(also, randomly, wouldn't these be nice wedding colors, meg?)

Also some November average high temperatures for selected cities around the country:

Barrow, AK: 3.5°F
Winslow, AZ: 58.4°F
Los Angeles, CA: 70.3°F
Denver, CO: 52.5°F
Washington, DC: 58.5°F
Pensacola, FL: 70.1°F
Atlanta, GA: 63.4°F
Chicago, IL: 48.4°F
Indianapolis, IN: 51.9°F
Topeka, KS: 54.0°F
Wichita, KS: 55.3°F
Boston, MA: 52.2°F
Minneapolis, MN: 41.0°F
Kansas City, MO: 52.6°F
Saint Louis, MO: 54.7°F
Lincoln, NE: 50.2°F
Las Vegas, NV: 67.4°F
Mt. Washington, NH: 27.3°F
New York, NY: 54.0°F
Rochester, NY: 47.8°F
Asheville, NC: 59.3°F
Fargo, ND: 36.8°F
Oklahoma City, OK: 60.4°F
Portland, OR: 52.6°F
Charleston, SC: 69.5°F
Greenville, SC: 62.5°F
Nashville, TN: 60.4°F
Dallas, TX: 66.8°F
Richmond, VA: 61.3°F

New Orleans, LA: 71.1°F

I know where I wanna be.

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The Hazean said...

Awesome. I love the idea of using a climate analysis to plan the wedding. Brilliant!