Sunday, February 24, 2008

back in new york

i'm back in new york since thursday (on a buddy pass - thanks barack!) and to me, new york means Ascension and Fr. Duffell (note the caps). honestly i don't know what it's going to be like being in new orleans without him. i'm sure meg agrees. he seems so in tune with what is right, what is just, what is holy - what is GOD if she were the all encompasing all inclusive all lifegiving spirit of peace and fullness that i think she is. he is good for the soul.

the kicker today was relating the '5 husbands' of the outcast sumeritan woman in the gospel reading to the many 'husbands' of modern life in this city - of addiction, of consumerism, of busy-ness, of neglect, etc. by devoting more time to each other, and less time to stuff, by seeing things through someone else's eyes, we might be able to make this world a little more holy. yeah. right on duffell.

i went for a walk after mass. i forced myself to take it all in a bit more than usual. it was a beautiful day. crisp, clear, cold, white, - and peaceful. i never thought i would find myself noticing that about new york. i felt myself smile. i greeted an indian couple pushing a stroller with a bundled up baby. they smiled. i greeted an old jewish man. i stopped to watch the pink-and-red-and-orange sunset over riverside park. my heart was filled with joy more than it had in a long while. i haven't stopped to PRAY lately. there is so much to be thankful for. and so much beautiy in the diverse, organic, unity that is our world.


Anonymous said...

uh....i got nothin'. except that you're freakin' amazing. i love you.

Jennifer said...

This was great, Eric! It's a good way to start my week, especially with the way the last one went. Thank you.