Saturday, January 12, 2008

A quick update of the state of the campaign trail

For those of you so inclined...and I know you're out there...primary season is picking up. Since we last spoke, Hillary and McCain, the two underdogs coming out of Iowa the week before, won New Hampshire. This throws everything and every expectation out the window. There are no front runners in either party. Now who knows what will happen next, but for sure it will be interesting.

By just about all accounts, this is one of the closest, most meaningful, historic primary seasons ever (especially since it's the first presidential election since 1928 with no incumbent running - and we can thank God and Dick Cheney for that). The simple fact that we are facing a Democratic race between the first woman and the first African-American to run, and a Republican race that includes a Mormon, a Baptist preacher, a former POW, and a thrice-married former NYC mayor...who would have thought this to be possible just 10 years ago?

It's hard to stay neutral throughout this process, but I'll try. I honestly do believe that everyone should be as informed of a voter as possible. If I can help that process then, great... but my opinion will probably slip in at times too. =) Here are some sources I've been following:

The CNN/YouTube debates (Dem/Rep) held back in the fall were so exciting as a sign of the future of American politics. Voter involvement, activism, and grassroots participation at every step.

I've also been following the presidential election "prediction markets" at On this site people are investing real money in "futures" that correspond to the percentage chances each candidate has of winning the election. The more money is invested in a particular candidate, the more that candidate's "stock" goes up. It's capitalism at its best. Studies by Iowa State have shown markets like these to be even more accurate than direct opinion polls at predicting outcomes.

And if you haven't done it already, take the Presidential Candidate Quiz we have up on our links section down the right hand side of the page. You may be surprised. I know Meg was. (Mike Huckabee all the way, right Meg?) But the cool thing about this is quiz is that they break down each candidate's position on each issue (like, at least 25 issues, complete with quotes from speeches, etc.) and rate where you stand in relation to them.

Good luck, and if you have a primary coming up in your state, please vote! Especially this year, every state is important.


d said...

Me? 1.Biden 2.Edwards 3.Obama

Yeah, we're gypsies. So what? said...

So, I misread a question and redid the survey:
1. Barack Obama
93.25% match on issues.
He was my match all along!!